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The Seven Year Itch (1955)

IMDB Rating: 7.2
Runtime: 105
Language: English
Country: USA
Color: Color (Deluxe)
IMDb Link:

Director: Billy Wilder
Marilyn Monroe ... The Girl
Tom Ewell ... Richard Sherman (as Tommy Ewell)
Evelyn Keyes ... Helen Sherman
Sonny Tufts ... Tom MacKenzie
Robert Strauss ... Mr. Kruhulik (janitor)
Oskar Homolka ... Dr. Brubaker (as Oscar Homolka)
Marguerite Chapman ... Miss Morris (secretary)
Victor Moore ... Plumber
Dolores Rosedale ... Elaine (as Roxanne)
Donald MacBride ... Mr. Brady
Carolyn Jones ... Miss Finch (night nurse)

Now here's a movie I can really dig into! :)
The movie is about a man's struggle with temptation while his wife and kid are away on vacation. And holy  Momma! What temptation it was! :)

It gets really hot in New York city in the summer and the husbands pack up their wives and kids and send them off to cooler places while they stay back to work. And as they say "when the cat's away, the mice play". And boy! Do these mice play! Most men are thrilled to get rid of their wives and kids. It means time out with the guys, drinking and smoking and having fun...and then there's always the other women. That's the most important thing I guess.

The movie basically tells you that men are scum (which is probably what most women think in any case.) and that the moment, their wives are away they become the animals they really are. Running behind anything with a pretty face.

The hero of our movie, Richard Sherman played by the hilarious Tom Ewell, thinks that he is NOT such a man. He is a man of integrity and class. He shall not play while his cat is away is what he thinks...that is, till a bombshell in the form on Marilyn Monroe drops in on him.

What follows is absolutely brilliant. You see the struggles a good man confronts when faced with a an almost impossible to resist temptation and you see him eventually triumph.

Richard Sherman as the husband is absolutely brilliant. Mr.Wilder, in his style of having someone doing a narration in almost all of his movies that I've seen so far, continues the trend, having Richard Sherman himself being the narrator. He takes you through the movie telling you everything that his wildly running imagination can come up with.
And Marilyn Monroe is so beautiful as the "temptation" it almost makes you want to cry. I mean, it's almost unfair to other women when you've got a woman like Ms.Monroe walking the streets.
She is perfect in her role. She manages to be extremely funny without intending to be so. She is the perfect blonde, but I tell you, behind that dumb seeming exterior is an extremely smart woman I'm sure. She is absolutely gorgeous and you can see why she could have easily ruled a country if she wanted to. Can't think of a man who could resist doing what she wanted...but that, that is exactly, why I love this movie so much. :)

Like I said, Sherman, manages just that! Well done old boy! :)
Thank you for keeping the flag hoisted for us good men. What with everyone wanting to sling mud at "man"kind. Here's a true hero for the good man :)

The movie shows that while temptation abounds and is often quite hard to resist, there are still men who can and will do so. I like that thought and believe in it and that is probably why I loved the movie as much as I did.
Also, to be honest, it doesn't hurt looking at Marily Monroe either does it? :) ;)

Hey, even good men have eyes right? It's not fair to if one doesn't appreciate beauty when one sees it. That doesn't mean that one needs to stray or anything like that. If my gal saw a chiseled guy or a good looking man and said "Oooh! That's hot." but ultimately came home to me and loved me, who am I to complain.

I think it only helps make the relationship better. I think it a good relationship is based on a lot more than just what you see on the outside and I think if you really love a woman, that love should weather any storm that comes your way. Even an extremely pretty one.

Well, this turned out to be a discussion on relationships more than the movie but hey, I always say, you'll hear my thoughts about the movie, not a review. For that you have IMDB and other places :)

I think this movie makes you think, while it also makes you laugh, smile and ogle at the same time.
Definitely worth seeing. If you're not too big on the philosophic aspect of things, see it for Marilyn Monroe :)
In any case, see it!! :)

The Moviemania Rating: 9/10 (for the movie) and 10/10 (for Marilyn Monroe) :)
Note to self: Watch more Marilyn Monroe movies soon! :)
Incidentally, this is the movie with the oh-so famous scene where the subway passes and makes Marilyn Monroe's skirt fly up. I love how, something so subtle and innocent can be so incredibly sexy.
That's the great thing about old movies. Women were so classy and sexy at the same time. They didn't have to try came naturally :)

Never seen the scene? Well, here it is. Don't say I don't give you enough reasons to watch old movies. :)
This clip is one of the million reasons you should watch em! :)


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