Friday, December 11, 2009

Extra! Extra!! Extra!!!

You can't watch one old movie without hearing a kid on the corner screaming that out.
"Extra! Extra! Extra!" :)
I used to always wonder why they said that. If you're completely oblivious to what this reference is, its generally what the news boys (kids who sold newspapers) would scream when they had this big news story they wanted people to buy the papers for. Always wondered why it was "Extra". I mean, isn't it just a part of the paper. Or was an additional page added to hold that mindbending bit of news :) Heh.
In any case, I digress.

The point of this first post, is to announce that I have decided to share my love for movies, especially old movies (though I'm not saying that I'll limit myself only to that) with you!

I watch an average of 4-5 old movies a week...and I have a collection of close to a 1000 movies that range between the 30s and 60s.
I'm no expert and I shall offer you no expert critique of the movie.
I shall simply tell you why I liked or didn't like a movie and I'll encourage you to watch the movie and then agree or disagree with me.
I'm hoping I can get a few of you who're not into old movies, to get into it...and for those of you who are connoisseurs like me (I like that fancy word. Very French eh?:) ) I'd love to have your take on the movies too.
I'm sure I'll encounter a lot of people who know a LOT more about movies, old and new, than I do and I would love to hear what you have to say.

So...don't be shy. When you read a post....DO comment! :)
I want to know what you think!

Right then, to quote one of my favourite lines from a movie...
"Louie (if that happens to miraculously be your name) or _______ (Insert your name here when you read this), I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." :)


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